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Responsible and Ethical Sourcing

We are members of a global community committed to making a positive difference in the world by maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. We support all efforts that promote environmental and social responsibility within the global aquaculture community.Network Commodities partners with plants that implement and maintain BAP standards, as well as other globally accepted, sustainable standards.

Our partners overseas are certified under the following guidelines:

GFSI – The Global Food Safety Initiative is a non-profit foundation providing guidance on food safety management systems to promote safety in the supply chain. GFSI is a collaborative effort between food safety experts in various industries. Their goal is to deliver safe food to global consumers.

ACC/BAP – The Aquaculture Certification Council is a nongovernmental body that certifies environmental, social, and food safety standards at aquaculture facilities worldwide. Their goal is to ensure Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) standards through certification for shrimp hatcheries, shrimp, tilapia, and channel catfish farms and seafood processing plants.

MSC – The Marine Stewardship Council promotes sustainable fishing and safeguarding of future seafood supplies. They also set standards for supply chain traceability. The MSC label makes it easy for consumers to recognize seafood that has been caught by fisheries that practice sustainability and good environmental management. 

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership


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