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Network Commodities was founded on the principles of integrity and responsibility. We hold our suppliers and partners to the highest standards to guarantee our clients receive certified, premium quality products that exceed our competitors. Every partner is carefully chosen for quality control protocol, plant procedures, and management.

We support plants/exporters committed to excellence in ethical seafood supply with no recruitment or use of child labor.

Our thoroughly trained in house quality control team inspects every container at site before it is shipped. No product leaves the plant without the approval of our team and the home office staff. Our QC team also maintains all records to safeguard adherence to critical guidelines.

We monitor all products with our state of the arts online QC. Our computers in our home office enable us to view our product in the plants overseas and follow all packing aspects of each container.

If you're looking for certified, quality shrimp, lobster, and octopus from a supplier that values integrity, we'd love to talk with you about our process and products.

Please contact us today to see the difference Network Commodities can offer!

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