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Exceptional Products at a Competitive Price

Network Commodities offers only exceptional products and competitive prices. Our premium brands are guaranteed 100% net weights and finished counts. Each package is properly labeled including ingredients, nutritional information, UPC codes, ACC/BAP certification, and C.O.O.L. compliance.

Our full line of farm raised shrimp are processed and packed in GFSI, ACC/BAP, HAACP, and USFDA compliant plants.

Shrimp Products

  • Farm Raised Vannamei White Shrimp
  • Farm Raised Black Tiger Shrimp
  • Wild Caught Ocean Shrimp
  • Headless or Head-On
  • Raw or Cooked
  • IQF or Block Frozen
  • IQF S/O EZ Peel
  • IQF Peeled and Deveined (Tail-On or Tail-Off)
  • Nobashi Ebi
  • Sushi Ebi
  • Shrimp Tempura

Rock Lobster Tails • Slipper Lobster tails • Octopus

Our Brands

  • Network American Chef
  • Rose Brand
Lobster Tails
  • Network American Chef
  • El Rey Brand

If you’re looking for the highest quality supplier of diverse
seafood products we’d love to partner with you.

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